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What opportunities does citizenship give you?
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This is the process of obtaining citizenship through investment.
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this is the process of obtaining citizenship in the presence of roots (on a national basis)

What citizenship suits you best?
What citizenship suits you best?
Do you have any national roots in another country (besides the one you are a citizen of) - Jewish, Polish, Austro-Hungarian, etc.?
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Are you willing to become an investor to obtain a new citizenship?
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Would you like to live in the country of your new citizenship?
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Strategies for your business
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In the UAE, you have the opportunity to establish an international business 'without borders', open an offshore company, and benefit from tax advantages such as zero corporate tax.
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You also have the opportunity to expand your business with us to other countries. There are well-functioning laws, low tax rates, and business incentives available

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Do I meet the requirements for a second citizenship and a passport or residence permit?
According to our proposals, you have 3 ways to obtain citizenship: repatriation, obtaining a residence permit and further citizenship or citizenship by investment.
If you have the roots of a particular nationality - the country whose citizenship you want to receive - you have the right to obtain citizenship by repatriation. If you are at a loss in the question of your roots - our specialists are always ready to help with this.
To obtain citizenship by investment or through obtaining a residence permit - we will help you open a company or select a profitable investment for you.
Do I need to visit the country or live in it?
Most countries offer citizenship without residence, only with a visit at the final stage (passports). When repatriating - residence in the country is not required. If you apply for citizenship through a residence permit - most often the country requires a certain number of days to live in it. You can check this information with our specialists.
Will I have to renounce citizenship acquired by birth?
To obtain a second citizenship from the list of countries offered by our company, you do not have to renounce the citizenship that you acquired by birth.
What is citizenship by investment?
Citizenship by investment implies that you invest money in the economy of the country whose citizenship you want to obtain and the subsequent issuance of a passport of a citizen of this country.

What kind of investments I should do I order to obtain a citizenship?
There are several ways to invest in order to obtain citizenship: investing in real estate, investing in a company or starting your own business, investing in the country's economy, contributions to various funds, charitable contributions.
What is a residence permit by investment?
Residence by investment is the process by which foreign investors obtain residence permits in a country in exchange for their investment in that country. You are issued a temporary residence permit, and after a certain amount of time (these requirements are different in each country), you will be able to apply for citizenship.
What information do I need to prepare for the first consultation on solving a business issue?
For a quick and high-quality solution to your business issue, we need the following information: what do you plan to do, the number of employees, attracting additional resources from our side (accounting, financial monitoring, etc.), planned budget for opening a company, planned income

What kind of additional help can I get when starting my company?
The availability of outsourcing business support provided by our specialists will become an essential factor for you to solve many issues: legal support, bank account management, business process management, license renewal and legalization of documents, tax and accounting, and more.
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